In 2017 we had a fantastic week of basketball, celebrating our 20th Anniversary. The camp was attended by 168 campers from around the World, making it the biggest camp in the UK this summer.  If you want to be a part of something great in 2018 book early, the 2017 camp was full by the end of February.






      Welcome to the Official Website of Eurocamp, Barrow in Furness.

Eurocamp is a Residential Coaching Camp, now in it's 21st consecutive year of providing a top class basketball camp experience to players from all over Europe. Eurocamp 2017 was a hugely successful camp with  168 campers in attendence, with 135 of those joining us on a residential basis. We have grown from 110 to 168 campers over the last 6 years , further enforcing our opinion that Eurocamp is on the up and up! We have welcomed players from  the UK, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Estonia, Kuwait, Minorca, Iceland, Austria and the United Arab Emirates.

Eurocamp is led by the World renowned Dr Laszlo Nemeth, Senior Lecturer at Chichester University and Ex. Head Coach to several National teams including England men and women. He brings with him a select team of coaches hand picked each year. The 2017 coaching staff came from Hungary, Spain and the UK and included 2 Ex England National team coaches, a 2011 Coach of the Year, and a current National team junior coach. Dr Nemeth, and therefore Eurocamp, promote and encourage the European style of play, focusing on tough defence, strong fundamentals, fast break and mid to long range shooting.

With the exception of our other Eurocamps  we are probably the only UK camp which runs hour long intensive themed coaching sessions. We don't believe in the USA style system of 10 minutes "stations" we believe in intense sessions where everyone participates all the time, building understanding of the subject being coached and progression. We certainly do not believe in sitting around watching other players train.

The philosophy at Eurocamp is one of hard work, Eurocamp is NOT a holiday camp.

Unlike most other camps, Eurocamp is for those players with serious intentions to improve their game.

please take some time to browse our site, join us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. 


Why would you choose Eurocamp ? - here's some ideas


1. Value for money: Like for like we remain the lowest priced residential camp in the UK.

2. Value for money: Eurocamp opens at 4pm Sunday and closes 12pm Friday. Apart from Sunday and Friday we go from 9am 'til 9pm. Others finish at 5pm. Thats more days and more time than the rest.

3. Reputation: we have spent 20 years building a reputation in the International arena as one of the best UK residential camps.

4. 3 X one hour coaching sessions every day, followed by team practice and two league games.

5.  The unique Eurocamp coaching system.

6. Exclusive use of no less than 9 indoor basketball courts.

7. 1 vs 1 and 3 point shooting competitions.

8. Allstar Games in the junior and senior conferences as well as a womens Allstar game.

9. Awards for the MVP and MIP in both conferences plus a womens MVP and MIP.  Player of the Day Awards and prizes for the Dunk, 1 vs 1, 3 point shot and league winners.

10. Ad hoc games at lunch times - in 2017 we had an "International" game on Wednesday.

11. Fully Qualified Nurses operating on site, Local GP on standby and 5 minutes from the nearest A & E.  Hopefully we won't need them.

12. 24 hour security at all residential venues.  At least 6 members of staff on duty throughout the night.  CCTV coverage at all residential venues.

13. Every Coach and every member of staff has a current Enhanced CRB check  or the equivalent documentation from their own Country.  Your kids are safe here.

14. AND FINALLY, other camps have Big name players backing them, others have Big name organisations behind them, some will claim to be the biggest, some will claim to be the best, some will claim to be both - Eurocamp will make none of those claims - we will make you a promise. Whatever your level when you arrive with us on Sunday afternoon, you WILL be a better player when you leave on Friday.




Eurocamp Barrow 2018
Sunday 29th July to Friday 3rd August 2018